When gold and silver are both gold, the answer is simple – gold

Gold and silver have both been in high demand for jewelry since the late 1800s, but the answer to why this is so is quite simple.

Gold is a rare metal that has a lower melting point than silver.

It is also highly resistant to corrosion and has been used in various forms for thousands of years.

Gold also has a very high purity of just 0.0003 per cent.

When a gold piece is placed in a metal headboard, the amount of gold within the board is proportional to the amount silver in it.

Gold and platinum are the two most common metals in the world, but silver and cobalt are also extremely popular, used in jewelry and watches.

When gold is melted, it becomes an alloy of elements from different nations and cultures.

Gold has the most elements of all the metals, and because of this, the gold in gold and platinum is usually heavier than gold.

When silver is also melted, its heavier than its alloy counterpart.

Silver is extremely brittle and therefore does not melt as easily as gold.

This means it is very susceptible to breaking when it hits metal surfaces, and even if it does, the silver in the metal can easily be crushed and separated.

The alloyed metal also tends to be more porous than its un-amalgamated counterpart, meaning that when it is exposed to air, it can break down and leave behind more of its metallic content.

This is a common cause of wear and tear on gold and other precious metals.

When it comes to jewellery, the most common alloy to use is copper, which is commonly used in jewellery.

This metal can be made to be even more pliable than gold and gold-plated platinum, and therefore is used in many types of jewellery from earrings to rings.

While gold and the metal of which it is composed can be used to make many different types of jewelry, silver is the most popular metal for use in jewelry.

There are many different forms of silver available, and many people choose to make their own.

This makes it quite difficult to compare prices of the two metals.

The more commonly used metal, platinum, is used to produce watches, watches with high-end looks, and watches that can withstand the wear and abuse of everyday wear.

It can be sold in several different ways, from its own packaging to a variety of accessories.

Platinum is the metal used in watches, but it is also used to create the jewelry that is often seen on watches.

Platinum can be found in a variety on the market, including the jewellery of some of the most famous brands, and it can be bought as an alloy or pure metal.

The platinum in a watch is usually of a higher purity than the gold, making it easier to mix with other metals.

Platinum, the more commonly known metal, is sometimes also referred to as silver.

Platinum has the lowest melting point of all metals, which means it has less wear resistance than the alloyed metals, making for more flexible, easy to break, and corrosion resistant watches.

While silver is generally used in the jewelry world, it is not the most widely used.

Silver jewelry has a reputation for being a bit expensive, and while it is widely used in high-profile jewellery brands such as Rolex, it also has been in the hands of a wide range of everyday people.

In some cases, silver jewellery has even been used to give birth.

It’s all about taste, right?

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There are a number of reasons why silver jewelry is used by the masses, and why it is more expensive than gold jewelry.

Gold can be created from silver using the process of polishing.

Silver can be turned into platinum using a process called refractory refraction.

This can be done using a laser.

While this process can give you a silver jewelry that has an even higher degree of wear resistance, the process itself can be quite costly, and is not without its downsides.

This, however, is what makes silver jewelry so popular, and what makes it very hard to compare.

When we say that silver is more common than gold, it’s really because it is less expensive.

A gold piece can be produced by a refinery using the same process, and the result can be a lot of wear.

This process is expensive, however because it takes time and energy to refine silver into gold.

It costs around $5,000 per ounce for silver, compared to the $2,500 for gold.

Silver jewellery can be expensive because it requires a higher degree in skill to create.

It requires a special tool that is also expensive, such as a laser cutter.

While many people would agree that silver jewelling is the best of the best, it does have its downsights.

Silver’s ability to resist corrosion is also lower than gold’s.

While it is theoretically possible to get a metal to melt at room temperature