How much does metal recycling cost in Italy?

In Italy, the cost of recycling metal is a huge problem.

There are currently about 10 million metal recycling facilities in Italy, but they can’t recycle metal with the same precision as it would be produced by factories.

That means it’s not possible to recycle more than 10% of the metal that is recycled.

Metal recycling also requires a large amount of manpower, as well as equipment that is costly to maintain.

As the government has recently implemented a €600 million program to recycle aluminium, a large part of the effort will be focused on this problem.

For every kilogram of aluminium, there are around 10 kilograms of recycled metal.

The project will aim to increase the recycling capacity by 60%.

The aim is to be able to recycle 30% of aluminium in the first year.

The goal of the initiative is to increase recycling capacity from 30% to 100% by 2020.

The project will be financed by a number of private companies, such as the industrialist group EMC.

In addition to the cost, it’s also important to note that the project also involves a lot of infrastructure.

The amount of equipment needed to recycle the metal has already risen by over 300%, and the amount of workers has increased by over 60%.

The project is expected to take about five years to complete, but the first step will be to convert all of the existing recycling sites into new ones.

The aim is also to ensure that the new facilities can use up all of their metal and reuse it with the new equipment.

Currently, all of Italy’s metal recycling sites are under construction.

According to Italian news source Ansa, the goal of this initiative is for the first time to recycle 50% of all the metal in Italy.

The government has also said that the number of new metal recycling centers will be doubled in the coming years.

Source: Football Italiano | Photo: Gianluca Di Giacomo