Metal carports will be worth $150-$200 in 2019 as metal prices plummet

Metal prices are expected to plummet further in 2019, according to a report from Metal Carports.

The report estimates that prices for the most common materials in the metal carport market will fall by 30%, to $150.

That’s a 35% drop from the previous year, and could lead to metal prices falling by as much as 60% by 2019.

Metal prices were up a little over 50% in 2018, which was a record low, but Metal Carport says metal prices have now reached the point where it can afford to keep them up.

Metal carport prices fell by a similar rate to 2018, but it’s unclear how the metal market will respond to the drop in metal prices.

Metal price drops are usually the result of supply and demand factors, like metal supply in a particular market being limited, or demand being weak.

In other words, supply of metal for cars is down, and demand for it is up.

But Metal Carpets is forecasting that metal prices will fall in 2019.

That could make metal carpets a good investment, and the price drop could make it worth it to buy.

Metal Carpool says the metal prices are on the rise in 2018 and 2019, and there is a lot of potential for metal prices to rise further.

It predicts that metal carprs will rise from $150/tonne in 2019 to $250/tonnes in 2020.

MetalCarports also predicts that the price of aluminum and steel will fall from $400/tonney to $200/tonneys.