A new home for metal building houses

The home is designed by the same architects behind the famous metal building home in London.

The design for the $1.5 million home in Woodbridge, Virginia, includes a glass roof that allows sunlight to shine through.

(Courtesy of Woodbridge Historical Society) The house, which has a 2,500-square-foot footprint, is the first of a line of eight metal building-home projects slated for the future.

They include a $400,000 house in New York City, a $600,000 home in the Netherlands, and $400 million home on a hill overlooking the Potomac River in Virginia.

In addition to the two-story house, the $2.4 million Woodbridge house will also feature a garage.

“The house was originally designed as a three-bedroom house in London and the new design features a glass wall that allows light to shine thru,” Woodbridge Historic Society President Paul M. Satterfield said in a statement.

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