Why do so many metal bands sound so good?

In our weekly Metal Insider, host Brian Fallon and music critic Brian Stelter discuss why so many bands sound great.

The answer, of course, is metal.

The following are five songs that really nailed it.

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“Hollow Crown”From the title of this song, you might expect to hear heavy metal metal, but there’s not much metal here.

Instead, this song is about a man’s search for love.

The lyrics, “You were born a virgin, now you’re a virgin again,” are very simple, but the song is full of power and emotion.

The lyrics have a heavy, ragged sound that’s all about aggression and violence.

It’s reminiscent of heavy metal and some of the other classic metal songs, like “Lust” and “Rome,” but it’s also quite powerful and memorable.

The guitars are loud and the drums are powerful, but not overly aggressive or aggressive sounding.2.

“Bloody Sabbath”This is one of the best songs about a group of men trying to escape the dark, cold world they live in.

The band, Black Sabbath, has been playing together for decades, and they’re still a great band, especially the band’s most recent album, Blood on the Tracks.

But when you hear the lyrics, which are written in the second person, you get the feeling that they’re not writing a song for a group, but for one man.

The man is trying to save his girlfriend, who is dead.

He’s also trying to survive.

The song is a slow burner, and you really get the sense that this man is in trouble.3.

“Stairway to Heaven”This song is not only one of Black Sabbath’s best songs, but it also is one you can easily forget about the rest.

This is one that really stuck out to me when I first heard it.

I think the song’s main themes are the same as on “Blood on the Track,” but the lyrics are different.

“The sky is falling, the earth is shifting, and there’s no way we can stay standing,” the song starts.

I like this song a lot because it’s a really personal song about a person trying to keep a girlfriend from dying.

It feels very personal, and the lyrics make you feel that the person you’re trying to protect is not just your own.4.

“I Am the Walrus”This might sound weird, but this is one song that’s really interesting to listen to as a listener.

The narrator in this song has just lost a lot of weight and has a very heavy voice.

This makes me think that this is what it means to be in a relationship, and it’s very difficult to describe.

The story is very personal and dark, and I think this is the kind of thing that can help you feel like you are in a dark, lonely place.

The vocals are very heavy, and a little bit of harshness is added for good measure.5.

“Crimson Tide”This one was pretty easy to forget about, but I like it because it has a really dark, twisted feel to it.

The singer is trying desperately to find his way out of the darkness, but his friends don’t know how to help him.

They’re all really afraid to tell him how they feel.

The album title, Crimson Tide, is a reference to the dark and gritty lyrics of the song.

This song is one I’m going to be listening to all day.