Aluminum scrap metal prices hit new record as metal price rally reaches $1 billion

Metal prices hit their highest price-to-earnings ratio in over a decade on Friday as the US government reported its first record amount of aluminum scrap metal.

The metal hit a record $1.18 billion in April and is now trading at $1,073.60 per metric ton, according to the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Analysts say that’s because the government’s record amount is the highest price ever recorded for scrap metal at the agency’s auction.

“The record-setting metal price for scrap at the CFTC is the culmination of an ongoing recovery in the scrap metal market, which has been trending upward over the past several years,” the CFTP said in a statement.

Metal prices have been rising sharply since last summer.

They spiked by more than $50 per metric tons last month.

The rally began in April, when the government reported a record of $1 trillion worth of scrap metal in an auction that netted the US a record amount for the first time.

That figure is still less than half the amount the government put up in its first auction, when it also set a record for the largest amount of scrap.

The price of scrap in April was up 1.6 percent, or $1bn, over a year ago, according the US Department of Energy.

In April, the CFTF auction put up $6.8 billion worth of metal, according its data.

The government’s report was one of the largest since the agency began collecting scrap metal for scrap in 1976, and the latest to show the metal market’s recovery.

The latest auction saw prices rise 7.6 percentage points to $3.65 per ton in the first two weeks of the month.

It is the second consecutive month that prices have increased more than that.

The market has rebounded from a year-earlier crash that followed a federal ban on scrap metal after the Fukushima disaster in 2011.

The government said scrap was cheaper than other metals like steel, copper, and aluminum.