Metalcore: Metalscore’s Metalscores is the Next Generation of Metal

Metalcore’s Metalcore has found its next generation of metalcore with a new EP, MetalsCores.

The band, which recently reunited for a new record called The Other Side of Metal, have released an EP titled Metalcore (pictured above) that is scheduled to drop in March.

Metalcore is based around the theme of “being the first to break the rules,” and the band has spent the past couple years crafting a sound that has grown exponentially.

“We were all looking to make our own sound,” co-founder, vocalist, and guitarist Adam Denton said in a statement.

“MetalsCore is the first step to this process.”

The new album will feature a slew of new tracks and a new vocalist.

“The first time I met Adam, I thought it was the coolest thing ever,” Denton told Rolling Stone.

“I think that’s what we all are about.

It’s like we’re all just waiting for the right moment.

I mean, you could do it.

It could be you.”

Metalcore will be the band’s first new record since their 2012 debut, Metalcore 2.

That album featured new vocalists as well as new musicians.

The new record is an entirely new band, Denton explained.

“This is a totally new project,” he said.

“There are not any old members.

It was a whole new crew.

We’re all doing a whole different thing with a completely new voice.

There’s a lot of different songs and we’re working on a whole bunch of new stuff, too.

We had a lot more time this time around.”

Denton explained that the new songs are different than the two albums the band released prior.

“It’s like a totally different album,” he told Rolling Rock.

“But we all like to do it that way.”

Metalcores EP comes out March 31st.

You can find it on iTunes here.