BMW’s M3 aluminum-carbon composite wheels will be $100 cheaper

The aluminum-carbide alloy wheels of the BMW M3 and M5 will be sold at a price lower than the alloy wheels offered by rivals such as Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Lexus, and Toyota, the German automaker announced Monday.

The lower-priced aluminum-cassette wheels, which are manufactured at a higher volume, feature a lighter aluminum core and a carbon-ceramic coating that improves aerodynamics and reduces friction.

They are expected to be available in 2018.BMW said the aluminum-cell wheels will offer more aerodynamic performance, but also a lower price point.BMWs aluminum-coated wheels will cost $99 less than the competition, but are lighter and more aerodynamically stable, the company said.

“The aluminum-to-carbon conversion provides a much more efficient conversion than the standard metal to carbon conversion,” said Wolfgang Nohl, vice president of design and technology, in a statement.

The BMW M4 and M6 aluminum-coloured wheels will remain on sale in the United States, as well as in Europe, and in China.

The M3, which is the flagship model of BMW, and the M5, which debuted in 2019, have been redesigned with a carbon fiber tub that is lighter and easier to manufacture.