How to fix a rusty sheet metal roof with a coat of paint

An article by Joe Kallstrom and Kevin Peebles in Vice News shows how to get a rust-free, rust-proof roof, and how to spray it with a sheet metal coat of paints.

The article describes how to coat a sheetmetal roof with sheet metal paint using a spray gun and then apply the paint using the spray gun as needed.

Here are the steps: 1.

Remove rust on the roof with the help of an electric screwdriver.


Coat the sheetmetal with the sheet metal spray gun spray.


Place a large towel over the sheet.

The towel will catch the dust and the dust will accumulate on the surface.


Spray the roof again with the spray.


Once the spray dries, apply the coating on the sides, around the edges and inside the frame of the roof.

This process is repeated to cover all the areas where the coat of aluminum is going to stick.


Finally, spray the roof to the exterior with a spray can, then apply an additional coat of coat of steel spray.

You can even apply the spray to the inside of the frame using a paintbrush or a paint roller.


Repeat this process on the other sides of the steel frame, on the exterior of the window and on the inside corners.

This step will allow you to spray the steel from inside the window.


Apply the coating again to the roof, inside the interior and outside.


After you finish applying the coat, you can clean the roof by spraying with a water hose.


The final step is to spray your roof with an aerosol sprayer and let it dry for 10 minutes.

The sprayer will then be applied to the rust-stained exterior and the sprayer to the aluminum frame.


Apply a final coat of spray using the aluminum sprayer.


After this process, you will need to apply the final coat with a steel sprayer, then a coat sprayer or an aeroso-coat.

You will then need to dry the sprayers, then dry the coat.

The coating will stay on the aluminum for a period of time after you dry it.

Here’s how to apply a spray coat: 1, Remove rust from the steel or aluminum frame by using a screwdriver or a pliers.

2, Apply the coat spray with the screwdriver and the steel spray with a hose.

3, Apply an additional spray with paint brush or a spray roller.

4, Spray the steel coat of the aluminum roof using the paint roller and apply the coat with spray gun.

5, Spray on the steel.

You’ll need to use a small amount of spray and spray at a time.

6, Apply a spray to all the parts of the metal frame.

7, Repeat the process to the remaining parts of your metal frame with spray.

8, Repeat with the remaining metal frame using the coat paint sprayer again.

9, Finish with the coat coat of metal with the aerosol nozzle.

10, Apply spray with spray sprayer with spray nozzle.

11, Finish using sprayer of aluminum paint spray.

12, Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the rust is removed.