A metal detector at a US store: ‘It was like a nuclear weapon’

A metal detectors was a piece of equipment used by US Customs and Border Protection agents to check the identity of visitors who enter the US, the agency announced on Monday.

The metal detectors are used to check items such as luggage and personal belongings to see if they belong to illegal aliens.

The detectors also detect traces of radiation, the FBI said.

The metal detectors have been deployed to US airports since 2007.

The devices detect radiation from the radiation emitted from the nuclear reactors that power the US.

The detection devices are designed to be worn on the wrists and ankles to help the officer quickly identify people who may have recently been in contact with radioactive material.

In a statement, the Federal Protective Service (FPS) said it was adding the metal detectors to its inventory and deploying them at ports of entry across the US and Canada.

Customs and Border Patrol also said the metal detector is “a critical tool for preventing smuggling and smuggling tunnels and devices.”