The best metal detector you can buy is worth more than the money you pay

Metal detectors are becoming increasingly popular, with the price tag of £1000 or more often seen. 

But how much metal is there in your metal bed? 

A recent article from New Scientist has a very useful infographic which breaks down the cost of a metal detector to determine the real value.

It’s based on a model that estimates the cost to the average household in the UK of a detector. 

In order to calculate the true value of the metal detector, New Scientist calculated the cost per detector to a standardised metal detector kit. 

So, in this article, we’ll look at what the actual cost of the average metal detector is. 

We’ve also broken down the different types of metal detectors we could buy into three main categories. 

Firstly, we have a set of all-metal detectors. 

These are the most expensive, but also the cheapest. 

They’re the cheapest option for many people, but they’re not the cheapest either. 

Second, there are standard metal detectors that are specifically designed for metal detecting. 

The latest metal detector manufacturers, and the ones we use in this example, include: Harmonix HSP1000 HDP-11 HBP-1000 HP-10 HP10M HP30M HPC-1000  HP3000M MHCP-1000M MP1000 MDP-1000S MSP1000S  MRT-1000 SCC-1000  Finally, there’s a range of other metal detectors.

Some of these have features which, in the best metal detectors, will detect metal much more easily than others. 

You can find out more about what metal detectors are and what you need to do to get one here. 

Finally, we’ve broken down all the different metal detectors into three different categories: All-Metal Detector Kit: This includes the standard metal detector we’re using in this tutorial. 

HP1000-HDP: This is a very expensive metal detector.

It can detect almost anything, including the metal you’d expect a metal detectors to detect. 

HHP1000 is one of the few metal detectors which are designed to detect specific metals, but can also detect any metal which might be on the surface. 

MP2000: This has a wide range of features which will detect any alloy you might expect a detector to detect (for example, nickel). 

MP3000: This one is one metal detector which is a lot cheaper than the other metal detector types, but it can also find metals like copper and lead. 

MRTP: This can detect any metallic element on the surfaces of a surface, including nickel, lead and cobalt. 

SCC-3000: It can also see metals on surfaces that are a little bit more difficult to detect than the MP1000, but the detector is much more expensive than the HP1000 and MP3000. 

MPS-3000S: These are the newer, better metal detectors with a range, including high-performance versions of the MP2000, the MP3000S and the MRTP. 

If you’re buying a new metal detector from Amazon, you can also buy one from the company’s UK website. 

To calculate the real cost of this type of metal detector you’d need to know the number of different metals on the detector, the amount of copper in it, the cost for each detector and the number you expect the detector to find. 

For example, the price of a standard metal detection kit would be around £1500. 

As you can see from the graph, you’d need at least a £4000 metal detector for every household in England and Wales. 

Note: This article was updated on 11 December 2018 to reflect the fact that the current UK Government policy is that no metal detector can be used to detect copper.

This is in line with other EU nations, but we’ve seen metal detectors being used to do the detection of metals from the surface which is prohibited by the European Commission.