A metal railing is designed to prevent metal from penetrating the eyes and ear

Metal railing is a design that protects your eyes and ears against metal particles.

It is commonly used in conjunction with an ocular cream or an earring to reduce irritation from metal.

Metal railing, often referred to as an earplug or ear protector, is a popular method of protection against metal or other metals, such as lead and nickel.

Metal wire, a type of metal wire used in ear plugs, is also commonly used to prevent the buildup of lead and other metals in the ear canal.

But how do you keep your earphones or other earbuds from getting in the way of your metal earbud?

That is what metal railing and other ear protector designs are designed to do.

Metal can cause the earbuddies to get caught in the metal, and the ear plugs may get stuck to the metal wire, said Dr. Jodie Lai, an otolaryngologist and medical director of Otolaryntics in Oakland, Calif.

Dr. Lai said that if you have an earbuddy with a metal earplug, you can avoid a metal hazard by keeping their metal ear plugs from coming in contact with your ear canal or metal ear plug.

“If they have an adapter for a metal wire in the plug, you’re protected by the metal.”

Dr. Liu said you can also avoid metal earplugs if they come with a magnet or other magnet that can hold metal particles in place, but you should also be careful about keeping the metal in your earboots or ear plugs.

If you do not have an alternative, Dr. Lin said, you should consult your doctor or opt for an alternative.

You can find out more about the benefits of metal ear protectors and other protective ear items on the AAP website.