Metal tube-haired metal-heads get ready for the apocalypse

Metal-heads have been left baffled by the bizarre and hilarious videos they’ve seen on YouTube of them playing a metal-themed band.

They’ve even been known to dance to their favourite metal song.

This week, we’re taking a look at some of the most bizarre and amusing metal videos.

What makes this metal?

How can metal-lovers find their favourite band?

Is metal just another genre of music?

Are the bands that they’re following the most brilliant?

And, of course, what’s metal-related to metal?

Al Jazeera English spoke to some of our favourite metalheads, who had all heard about metal bands, but never actually played them before.

From metal bands who have been around for a long time, to metal-focused bands who haven’t been around since 2010, and a few bands that are now old but still do their thing, we’ve picked out some of their most bizarre videos.

We hope you enjoy it.