What do you need to install at your home?

A metal detector will be needed at your new home to help you keep a lid on what’s in your house and keep the peace.

But it can also be a handy way of alerting your neighbours about any potentially dangerous items that may be hidden in your kitchen.

Here are some tips to help get your metal detector up and running.

How do I get one?

Most of Australia has a metal detector licence.

If you want to get one, you need a licence.

There are also different types of licences.

For example, a police licence may be needed to perform a metal detection inspection, or a metal detectors licence may only be needed if you are working with hazardous materials.

If your property is under an environmental protection order, you will need to have a licence to perform the inspection.

To get a metal detecting licence, you’ll need to register with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

You can register online or by calling 1800 626 788.

The deadline for registering is July 15.

If I already have a metal security licence, do I need a metal safety certificate?

No, you don’t need a safety certificate to install a metal or non-ferrous metal detector.

You only need a security licence if you have been granted an environmental clearance.

What is a metal screening licence?

A metal screening or metal detector is a licence issued by a Department of Environment and Energy (DEP) licence holder to install metal detectors at residential premises.

You can apply for one of these licences online.

You will need a valid DEP licence.

You’ll need a DEP approved metal detector and a suitable metal detector box.

There’s a range of different metal detectors available, from the low-cost, low-tech to the more sophisticated.

Find out more about metal detectors.

How much does it cost to install?

The cost varies depending on your type of licence.

The licence holder must apply to the Department for a licence and the Department will decide if it will be approved.

If the DEP approves the licence, then the cost is the same.

If it isn’t approved, then you’ll have to pay the licence fee.

For more information, check out the DEPs website.

What should I do if I get a non-Ferrous metal detecting ticket?

You can still be fined up to $100 for not having a licence or $100 per day for not being present at the inspection or inspection site.

The DEP says it will investigate your ticket and take action if you’re found guilty.

What happens if I have a non ferrous metal detection ticket?

The DEPs investigation of a non Ferrous metal screening ticket won’t mean a fine.

If there’s an investigation that’s not a ticket, it will mean you’ll be given an alternative way of getting a licence if there is a nonferrous screening ticket in place.

For information about non ferries, check the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure website.

Is there a penalty for not showing up?

A fine is not a penalty.

If an offence has been committed, you could still be charged with an offence, and could face up to a $50 fine and a one-year jail term.

If no offences are found, you may be issued with a nonFerrous or nonFerrite metal detector certificate or metal security certificate.

What if I’ve got a non metal detector ticket, but I haven’t seen anything?

If you have a ticket but don’t see anything suspicious, it’s a good idea to call the DEQ.

You could be issued a non metallic or non ferrite metal screening certificate or a non Metal Security Certificate, depending on the type of detector you have installed.

If that’s the case, you won’t be fined.

How to apply to get a licence for a metal metal detector The first step is to get an environmental licence.

To register online, call 1800 624 788 or contact your local DEP office.

You should then go to your local depot and apply for a Metal Security certificate.

The Department will check your licence and determine if it’s approved.

You need to show the DEPART officer that you have had the necessary paperwork and that you’re up to date on the environmental clearance requirements.

You may also have to provide other documentation.

The department will then consider whether you’re eligible for a certificate.

You won’t have to give the DEPU a reason for the certificate.

This is because they can’t be issued for non-metal detecting purposes.

How long will it take to get my licence?

You’ll get a certificate within about six months.

How will I know if I’m eligible for my licence if I don’t have a permit?

You will be assessed for eligibility based on the licence you’ve applied for.

If a licence isn’t accepted, the DEPD will give you another licence.

What will happen if I do get my metal detector installed?

If your licence is rejected, you can