Which albums will you buy if metal goes mainstream?

Metal fans will probably get to see a few of their favourite bands make a comeback in 2018, with bands such as The Smiths, Metallica, The Strokes, Slayer, Tool, Pearl Jam, Anthrax and Avenged Sevenfold set to play at festivals across the UK.

But there are some notable exceptions, as the BBC reports.

“We have the Smiths at the Glastonbury Festival,” said The Smith Sisters guitarist Matt Smith, “so we are hoping to see them at this year’s festival, which is obviously quite big.

We would love to see Metallica in that lineup as well.”

 But not everyone is happy with the Smith family.

“The Smiths are going to be the biggest thing to hit the UK in a long time,” said producer Paul McCartney.

“They are probably the most successful group in the world, they are one of the most famous bands in the US, and they are doing what they love doing.”

He added that it was “really sad that the world’s biggest rock band, Metallurgists, has to play the Glasto festival.”

“They’ve got one of their biggest fans in America,” added Smith.

The Smith Sisters tour dates: June 8, Manchester, England (Republic Live) July 15, Cardiff, Wales (Republic) July 22, Leeds, UK (Republic Festival) July 24, Manchester United Stadium, Manchester (Republic Stage) July 26, Liverpool, England