When you’re in metal: Metal coffee table is a modern masterpiece

Metal coffee tables are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, with the popularity of the metal metal music trend and metalcore metal music festivals having created an explosion of metal coffee tables.

Metal coffee table A metal coffee box from the early 2000s, circa 2009.

Source: Supplied: Metal Magazine”This trend is so cool,” says metalcore musician and blogger Matt Deacon.

“There are now so many metalheads around and there’s a real sense of community and people are starting to really dig into this.”

“Metal has always been a bit of a cool thing to do in Australia.

We’ve had bands for over 50 years and we’ve always been into it.

But I think the metal scene is so much more now.”

Metal coffee tablesA metal coffee bar from the late 1990s, by artist Mark Borski.

Source – Supplied”It’s a lot more serious now.

People are actually really into metal music, especially the new metalcore bands,” Mr Deacon says.”

I think it’s great that people are becoming more aware of the music and the style.”

Metalcore metalhead, Mark Bortki, who is also a metalcore rock star, says the metal community has matured since the early 90s.

“We were in the 90s, and everyone was so into it, and now everyone is so into metal, you can just see that,” Mr Bortkis music director, Dave Prowse, says.

Mr Prowce says that people have grown more tolerant of the bands they like more in the past five years.

“It was a bit like when rock was first becoming popular, people just were so into rock, so people started to be like, ‘I don’t really care who’s on my music anymore, let’s go rock’,” he says.

Metalcore rock band, A-Trak, who are popular in the US, are known for playing heavy metal music in a variety of styles.

“As a kid, I’d love to have a metal coffee machine, so I bought one, and I’m very proud of it,” says guitarist, Chris D’Esposito.

“Now, with more and more metalcore music coming out, we get the chance to do it more, so it’s nice to get that out there.”

Metal metalcore band, The Haters, perform in Australia in 2011.

Source (ABC News: Chris Mearns)A-Traks lead singer, Chris Erskine, says metal has grown from being an underground genre to a mainstream genre in the last five years or so.

“Metal is a bit more mainstream now,” he says, “I mean, I love metal music as much as the next guy, but metalcore is something I’m really passionate about.”

“It is really cool that there are a lot of metalheads and it’s such a cool style of music.

I mean, there are bands that are really hardcore and you just can’t get away from it, but it’s not a genre that I like to play too much.”

Metal music and metal coffee potsIn 2010, a metal-inspired coffee table was launched by Melbourne artist and metal fan Matt Deac.

“Matt is a great artist and I really like the way he’s making his coffee table.

I like the look of it, the shape of it and the colours of it.

I’ve always liked the idea of making a metal cup.

I thought it was just a fun idea, I think it’ll work really well,” he said.”

The metal coffee pot was kind of a dream come true.

I got a kick out of seeing the results of the coffee table and I thought ‘wow, it would be really cool to make a metal one’.”

Metal coffee potThe metal metal coffee mug is designed to hold metal metalcore albums, with metalcore musicians, including Mark Bormack, playing on the lid.

The metal cup is also designed to have metalcore’s logo on it.

“A lot of people are now into metal and the whole metal culture, and it seems like metal is getting more and the metalcore scene is really taking off and it is really exciting,” Mr D’Essposito says.

Matt Deacon is a metalhead who enjoys metal music.

“You can’t really get too far away from metalcore now, so you can go back to that and enjoy it,” he explains.

“So I really love metalcore and I think a lot people like metal music and it does kind of have this kind of feel to it, I guess.”

And metal has always had a bit to do with the culture.

It was a big part of the pop culture and I guess the music is kind of about the music.””

So there are all these different kinds of metal bands and it really makes you appreciate it more and appreciate what you’re doing,” he adds.”If you’re