A metal roof color for electric cars

The idea of a metal roof has been around for decades, but a lot of automakers and engineers are pushing the envelope.

The idea is that a metal facade will help keep noise levels down, reduce energy consumption, and protect the car from damaging vibrations.

The roof is also a way to reduce the weight of the car, which means less weight for the battery, which helps with range.

And there are a lot more benefits to metal roofs than just saving the environment.

They also allow you to have a higher percentage of your electric car’s power in the roof.

You can add more than 1.5% to your range, and this is what a Tesla Motors engineer claims can be achieved by a metal metal roof: You can achieve 1,600 miles per charge on a single charge.

You don’t need a lot to get this.

It only takes a little more than a hundred pounds of metal.

You’ll get more range if you’re in a high-occupancy vehicle like a SUV or a minivan.

There are some drawbacks to metal roofing, however.

Some manufacturers, like Hyundai, are pushing for metal roofs on electric vehicles to help protect the battery from overheating and overheating that could lead to a fire.

But the company says it will only do so if the car is built to withstand a full load of 120,000 miles, which could be a challenge if the vehicle is an SUV.

Tesla’s design uses aluminum and titanium instead of metal, but this isn’t the only alternative that could save the environment if the company is successful.

The company has said it will build two electric vehicles with a metal body and a glass roof that would make up its roof, and it will also make a third with a glass body.

It will also use the same aluminum for both vehicles.

The second model will have an aluminum roof and a carbon fiber body, and the third will be aluminum with a carbon-fiber body and glass.

These will be the vehicles that Tesla’s electric vehicle team will test.

But it’s not clear when that car will be built or how much it will cost.

And the metal roof that the company has now has its drawbacks, too.

Aluminum has a tendency to melt and degrade.

And titanium doesn’t look good, either.

So, metal roof can be a bit more expensive than a glass or aluminum roof.

But metal roofs are a good alternative, too, and you can save the planet.