‘It was the most beautiful thing’: Man who saved woman’s life from a twisted metal building

By ALEXEY HANNAHThe first photo of a woman rescued from a twisting metal building in Moscow shows the woman lying on her back on the ground with blood pouring from her nose.

The woman’s face and hands are covered in bloody bandages.

The rescue, filmed on the building’s roof, is a rare example of rescue work in the city where the death toll is climbing and a new law has been put in place to tackle suicides.

The incident occurred on Saturday at a metal building, which is not a skyscraper but an apartment block, in the central city of Moscow.

It was reported that the woman was sleeping on the floor when the building collapsed.

The Russian Interior Ministry said the woman, named as Anna, was trapped in the building.

“She was saved by a woman who fell in a building,” the ministry said in a statement.

“The rescue is a very special example of a rescue work that has been performed by the police and emergency services in the last three days.

Anna was taken to hospital and was declared dead at the scene.”

Police were investigating the incident and investigating possible negligence.

The building is owned by a local construction company.