The metal jacket for the new metal-on-metal baseball cleat

A new metal baseball helmet, expanding metal and adding an expanded metal jacket, are just a few of the changes to the new Metal Unlimited baseball cleattes.

The metal jacket is a unique and very thin, flexible and strong material that can be used to provide protection against impact and high temperatures.

The metal helmet has a weight rating of 200 grams.

Metal jacket on metal cleat.

Source: AP article The Metal Unlimited helmets are designed to be worn over the metal of a baseball helmet.

This protects the helmet from the heat of the player and keeps it cool during a game, but it also prevents damage to the protective outer shell.

The helmet has an additional layer of protective material that will also protect against the heat.

The outer shell is also made of the same material.

The expanded metal and a metal-lined leather cleat are two examples of the increased protection that the new helmet provides.

This means the helmet will last up to three seasons.

The expansion of the metal jacket provides a higher weight rating, making it more resistant to temperature extremes.

This increased weight makes the metal more durable and provides a greater layer of protection from the elements, as well as preventing damage to its protective outer material.

Metal is more likely to shatter in the heat than leather, and therefore will wear out faster, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.