The metal benders are back

A new kind of metal fence posts have arrived in New Jersey.

The metal bends are designed to hold a metal slab while you ride your bike or walk along a sidewalk.

The design comes from a company called metal bend, and they have sold their product in New York and Pennsylvania.

The idea is to keep you safe while you are riding along, said Chris Pomerantz, the president of metal bEND.

He said it has proven popular with bike riders.

Metal benders have also been seen at other local events.

There are metal fences at New Jersey beaches, and metal bended fences at places like New York City parks.

The problem is, metal fences can be dangerous, and it’s hard to control them, said Jason B. Gresham, a transportation planner with the city of Trenton.

We have to look at things like the width, how many feet that metal is, and what the potential of the fence is.

It’s a little bit of a hassle to put it in place and take care of it, he said.

Metal fences can also be dangerous if the metal is not secured properly.

Gresham said he doesn’t think metal bending fences are a problem.

He has a metal fence at his house that can be easily removed with a screwdriver.

“The metal bends around your body, and then it’s just a straight line,” he said, “and you can’t bend around the bend.”

Pomerantz said that the idea of metal fences in New Brunswick came from a person who was having trouble with a metal bar on the sidewalk.

The person took pictures and posted them on Instagram, which led to the company’s introduction.

Bend said that if metal fences were made available in New Zealand, the country’s Ministry of Transport and the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture would use them.

Greta Mathers, a spokesperson for the ministry, said it does not comment on specific plans, but in general, it’s the responsibility of the public to make sure that the land is managed appropriately and in accordance with local regulations.

Pomerants said the metal bende system has been a success in New England, where he is from.

He said that in a city like New Brunswick, metal benda has become popular.

“There are people that have been using it for years, and we just thought it would be a fun idea to put some of the ideas we’ve been talking about into a product,” he told NJ Advance Media.