Tesla electric cars can now be rented with metal detectors

The rental of electric vehicles, a cornerstone of Tesla Motors, has been added to the company’s car rental service.

The company announced the new feature in a blog post on Wednesday.

Tesla’s blog post is titled “When it comes to the best way to get your new electric car, you’re going to need to get a metal detector.”

The post said rental car companies can now list a car’s price, make and model and location.

For instance, Tesla can list a 2019 Tesla Model S sedan for $1,000 per day.

But a metal detecting service can also list the car’s specifications, make, model and model year.

Tesla said rental cars can be booked through its app.

The service allows customers to search for the car by name or address.

Customers can then rent a rental for up to 48 hours.

Tesla has said it will also soon allow customers to book the car directly through the app.

For now, Tesla said it plans to use its own security cameras for this.

The feature is the latest addition to the service.

In June, Tesla unveiled a new security feature for its cars.

The car-rental feature is similar to the one it added for the Model S in June.